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Culture, Art & Cuisine
Meet the Locals Eilat

Community "POGSHIM"

Meet the "beating heart of Eilat"

"Pogashim" Community Your opportunity to participate in an amazing experience that allows you to take a look inside the homes, life and stories of hospitable locals, as well as participate in great artisan workshops.

With "POGSHIM", you join a global trend of social tourism, strengthen the local economy and gain an experience that cannot be compared.

Among our hosts, you will find talented chefs, sculpture, painters, storytellers of dreamy journeys and other artists, who will invite you to create and experience their world.

Tailored tours are available if you wish to combine art, culinary, and life stories and make it an adventure.

Meet people who like to host.


Meet the "beating heart of Eilat"

A community of local hosts who open their home to intimate human and exciting content meetings that deepen the experience of the visit for both the resident and the tourist in the fields of culture, art and the local cuisine.