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Get to know our Locals

Plants as healing tools

with Adam Raktov Yosefa

About Adam - Adam was born in Kibbutz Nahal Oz. He is a current resident of Eilat (for the last 23 years), he is happily married and a father of 2. Adam is a multidisciplinary social entrepreneur, and he is engaged in therapeutic gardening as a tool for post-traumatic growth. Adam has a fascinating personal message and a passion for plants as a healing tool.

From Songs, travel and more to Bread

with Galit Avgi-Cohen

A meeting of tastes, smells & songs
Galit Avgi-Cohen is a local who is also a former flight attendant, songwriter, book-writer, traveller photographer and bread maker. Galit specializes in baking bespoke sourdough bread. Come into Galit's kitchen and sit around the table while hearing the story of how an air stewardess became a sourdough bread maker

Magic Sounds

with Liliana and Marco Astritzky

Healing sounds & Ancient Tools
A charming Eilat couple that you can't help but fall in love with. Liliana and Marco are both musicians who love people and invest their energy in healing methods through sounds and instruments. He is from Brazil, and she is from Argentina. They have been married for over 30 years.

Stories & English Tea

with Yoni Almog

Behind the scenes of "Dr. Morris's Camera"
Yoni Almog was born in Eilat. Nicknamed the "yellow Bedouin", Yoni was the former British consul and is the daughter of Dr Morris and Fay, who are considered to be some of Eilat's veterans and founders. Yoni is currently engaged in education and tells some fascinating stories. Meet Yoni at her parent's home, and hear an unforgettable story.

Create Art

with Tami Akrish

Mandala & Newsprint Art Workshops
Tami Akrish - a local resident of Eilat, who practices holistic medicine as well as creates beautiful art. Tami specializes in creating mandalas and home accessories from newspapers. Tami invites you into her home where you can admire her amazing creations.

Art Studio - Married to Colors

Harel Generation with Dor Harel

Experimental abstract art studio
Dor is a local Artist, who has an extraordinary intuitive ability for abstract art. Dor is the owner of an independent gallery that offers workshops and wall design. Dor worked in media and started her creative journey by painting with chocolate and tomato sauce during her military service. Find out more about her design journey...