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וריטה פעמונית15
Rita & miracles
פעמונית - מפגש על אהבה וצלצולי פעמונים

Experience Healing Sounds

Rita and Nissim - a fantastic couple of veterans of the city of Eilat, married for about forty years. For Rita and Nissim, it is a charming love story that started in Nueva and found its way to Eilat. The couple is talented. Together they create unique jewellery and spectacular wind chimes, combining recycled materials. Upon entering the living room of their home, you will be surprised to discover a uniquely designed home that is all one big jewel with dozens of wind chimes of all sizes and types. Nissim and Rita invite you to their open house for a magical meeting where you will enjoy an inspiring love and relationship. You will be able to purchase goods if you want during your visit.
Activities Hours: ניתן לתאם מראש 12:00 עד 18:00
Hosting Languages: Hebrew | English | French
Additional Activities: Meeting + tasting, "Beit HaPa'amon"
Number of guests: 12 בתאום מראש
  • The workshop is subject to a minimum number of guests. For details, contact the host
Price starting from: 70

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