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Inbal Vaknin
Inbal V. Styling
Inbal was born in Eilat, married and mother of 2, Fashion Blogger, Jewellery designer, and Stylist. Inbal is also engaged in therapeutic styling. She began her journey in design at the age of 20 when she moved to live in Mexico, where she studied jewellery design and goldsmithing. Her jewellery starred in TV series and telenovelas. She signed a design contract with Swarovski and more. At the age of 30, she arrived with a suitcase to visit Israel and decided to stay here - she left everything behind and started anew. Inbal studied styling at Shankar and has been involved in fashion productions, advertisements and image shoot since then. At her home, she hosts experiential styling workshops that give a taste of the world of styling combined with practical tools and practical experience based on the purity of the renewed - taking an old garment from the closet, giving it a new life story and turning it into "One of a Kind". The activity stimulates thought and creativity, self-expression and even interpersonal communication
Activities Hours: 09:00-19:00 by pre-booking is required
Hosting Languages: Hebrew | English | Spanish
Number of guests: החל מ- 5-15
  • The workshop is subject to a minimum number of guests. For details, contact the host
Price starting from: 70

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